Keeping a Beach-Ready Body Under a Winter Coat

And there is another great reason to keep up your regular physical activity in the long run. These days, we are living to 70, 80, 90 and even 100 years old. Your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility play important roles in how self-sufficient you will be at an older age. In case you fall, you want to have great bone strength to prevent broken bones.

This is where consistent resistance training comes in. Resistance training, like lifting weights, allows your body to adjust to the external environment and store more calcium in your bones, thereby strengthening them.

Let's stay on strength and balance for one second. Many studies have shown that in the aging process, besides hearing loss, we also lose flexibility and lean muscle tissue. Studies have shown that our metabolization slows down 2 percent every decade.

I am sure you care about how you feel and what you look like. The way to prevent your body from deteriorating is to exercise -- most importantly, through resistance training and cardiovascular training.

Beating the Seasonal Yo-Yo

Consistency is key to any success, and fitness is no exception.

Studies have shown that the yo-yo effect of losing and gaining weight is more damaging than maintaining one weight.

Yes, sometimes, life gets in the way of this consistency. This is why you constantly need to find new reasons to stick to your fitness plan.

Find activities that you like to do. When you enjoy activities that you participate in, most likely you will stay consistent in your activity level.

So, the advice that I can give from what I have seen firsthand is this: Don't let one more year go by without a commitment to stay active -- as difficult as it might be. Stay consistently active and fit in the long run, and you will reap some serious benefits in old age when you run alongside your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Stefan Aschan is the owner and founder of, providing nutrition and exercise programs in New York City.

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