Manscapers Mow More Hair, Even Down There

And the chest, "Sweaters are meant to be bought, not grown."

Even down under, "Wherever there's no underbrush, the tree looks taller."

Norelco also markets a foil body grooming shaver -- specifically designed for your manscaping needs -- without the use of traditional razors. They even instruct men on how to avoid injury.

The manscaping craze is being driven largely by women.

"Excess body hair, for me personally, is a big turn off," said Karina Jimenez, a 21-year-old from San Antonio, Texas.

"The natural look is honestly OK. I mean, of course if you like the person for who they are, it doesn't matter what they look like," she told "But sometimes a little manscaping couldn't hurt."

"The tailored look is attractive because it's clean, and let's face it, most men are dirty," said Jimenez.

Manscaping Shows He Cares

Manscaping also commands her partner's respect, according to 23-year-old Courtney LeJeune.

"I don't expect or necessarily want a perfectly hairless man," she told "But just like, I would trim my eyebrows. I also expect and appreciate the guy I am with to put forth that kind of effort. It shows he takes care of himself and he cares how he looks."

Melanie Diaz, 21, of Eagle Pass, Texas, said even though women should like men for "who they are," a little manscaping on a hairy chest or back "wouldn't hurt to help it out a bit."

"We women do it by shaving our legs and so men can, too," she told

Just recently Cosmopolitan magazine, which targets women aged 18 to 34, ran a column advising young women how to persuade their boyfriends to depiate.

These women are influenced largely by watching baby-chested men on television and in the movies, according to the magazine's executive editor Nicole Beland.

"I think it's more prevalent now in part because we are seeing more of men's bodies that we used to," she told "In the new Twilight movie, 'New Moon,' there are a number of men with their shirts off and jeans low on their hips. Men are more self-conscious about that part of their body."

Manscaping is bigger than fashion, according to Beland, as men are beginning to be treated more like "sex objects."

"It's an ongoing misconception that women are not as visual as men and that they are not as turned on visually as men," she said. "This has been disproved.

"Women do react very strongly to sexual images. And when a woman sees her partner's body looking groomed and cared for, it has a direct effect on her arousal."

As for Ben, he confesses that his scorecard didn't get any longer after the waxing, but his girlfriends aren't complaining and he feels good about himself.

And he gets glowing reports from the staff at Townhouse Spa who oversee his monthly manscape.

"Ben is very masculine," said Ahn. "He's very handsome and popular with the ladies."

ABCNews On Campus reporters Loren Grush and Xorje Olivares of University of Texas contributed to this report.

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