American Mom Bloggers' Stories From Kenya: ONE Trip That Changed 10 Lives

Emily McKhann ( Emily McKhann is the co-founder of award-winning The and was recently named one of Parents Magazine's "Most POwerful Moms on the Web."

"In front of her house, Margaret told us right away, with a big smile on her face, that she had almost completed her six-month TB treatment and was healthy. Earlier this year, she said, she couldn't get out of bed, couldn't take care of her family or work. She was dying, miles away from any clinic, and thought she had no options."

"Mercy, 23, lives with her four-year-old daughter Nicole in a six by eight room where she works as a hair stylist. ... 'My mother's salon was called Salon Mercy and when I open my own salon, I want to name it Salon Nicole after my daughter too,' said Mercy, 'I want my daughter to have a better life. ... ' To the ONEMoms, Mercy was one of us, wanting the very best for her daughter, and doing whatever she could to give it to her."

Shayne Moore ( Shayne Moore is the author of the book Global Soccer Mom: Changing the World Is Easier than You Think. She also writes for her personal blog, Global Soccer Mom.

"I am only one mom from the Midwest of America. I don't have all the answers, but I can learn, raise awareness and raise my voice."

"I have never been in a slum like Kibera. It was sunny. Fun. Full of laughter and color and life. It was filthy. We passed brothels and girls sniffing glue and carts of rotten produce. We walked on."

Elisa Morgan ( Elisa Morgan is the publisher for Fulfill, a free digital magazine for women of all ages.

"I've always been pretty sure that I don't have AIDS. I mean, I've been married to the same man for 32 years. I'm healthy. I don't give blood because I'm "weight-challenged." But honestly ... I've never been tested. How do you know for sure if you've never been tested?"

"I had to watch each step -- very carefully. The stench was indescribable. I ducked under clotheslines and around dogs everywhere. All around me: rows and rows and rows of rooftops and alleys and chickens and women cooking and men loitering and tables of piled vegetables and dried smelly fish. Kibera. The largest slum in Africa."

Cooper Munroe ( Cooper Munroe is co-founder of the social forum The Motherhood.

"Gathered around a small wooden table, we kept the front door open to let in light so we could see the test strips start to form lines. ... As we talked the mom's HIV test on the table in front of us turned positive."

"How is progress made? In so many ways, it seems, it is made by one dedicated, passionate, kind, thoughtful and deeply felt step at a time."

Jyl Pattee ( Jyl Pattee is the founder of the blog Mom It Forward.

"I saw teeny children some with pneumonia with IVs in their heads and others on oxygen tanks, fighting malaria, tummies extended, breathing rapidly. I was told that only a few years back this very village didn't have such luxuries. By luxuries, they meant heart monitors and oxygen tanks."

To read more about the weeklong ONE trip to Kenya, check out ONE Moms. For more global health stories go to ABC News'

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