Chaos Predicted if Health Care Ruling Split


Chaos Predicted if Health Care Ruling Split

Dorr Goold mentioned one patient she has who is opposed to the law's requirement that everyone have insurance. The woman asked why she should be required to have insurance when she and her family are healthy and 'don't run to the doctor for every little thing.'"

"People know that emergency departments, hospitals, and doctors provide care for the uninsured. In other words, they're free riders," she wrote. "Unless we're willing to let her and her children die on the street – and I for one am not -- we need some kind of system that requires, that mandates that people who can do so contribute to the possible future expense of their care."

Dorr Goold also said she worries about "our most vulnerable people," if the court decides the law's expansion of Medicaid violates the Constitution.

The Court is expected to issue its decision, or decisions, on the law Thursday in a session that begins at 10 a.m.

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