8 Everyday Ways to Have a Brain Bleed


Vigorous Exercise

Vigorous physical exercise has also been a well-noted trigger for an aneurysm rupture, and Thursday's study found that hard exercise upped risk of rupture 3.5 times. This could mean that those with known, particularly large aneurysms should avoid very hard exercise, but for the most part, doctors believe that exercise shouldn't be excluded.

"The long-term benefits of exercise probably outweigh the short-term risks," says Algra.

Drinking Soda

Caffeine is most likely the culprit behind the 3.4 increased risk of rupture noted among those who drank soda in the hour before their aneurysm ruptured. Cola may be more apt to ramp up caffeine intake because people tend to drink more of it than they would coffee.

Doctors said that soda may also be on the list of things to avoid for those with known aneurysms.

Sex and Masturbation

Doctors treating aneurysms note that patients often report a splitting headache -- the most common sign of a rupture -- right after sex or while straining to to make a bowel movement, says Dr. Ciaran Powers, assistant professor of medicine at Ohio State University.

Postcoital aneurysm rupture was the most commonly reported trigger by doctors ABC News spoke to, and Thursday's study supports what these doctors have always suspected: Sex is a leading risk factor for aneurysm rupture.

Researchers found that sexual intercourse increased risk of rupture by 11.2 times, while masturbation increased it by 5.9 times.

This doesn't mean that those with aneurysms should declare celibacy. It might be better to manage high blood pressure in other ways, says Aziz.

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