Is It True That Certain Types Of Exercises Are Good And Others Are Bad For People To Tend To Faint?

Question: I have heard that certain types of exercises are good and others are bad for people to tend to faint. Is this true, and if so, which exercises are good for me?

Answer :What you've heard is true. There are some types of exercises that can make fainting worse. For example, any exercise that's anaerobic or any exercise that involves straining, like sit-ups, stomach crunches or heavy weight lifting. Repeated straining causes more blood to pool in your legs and stomach, and less is available for the heart to pump to the brain, and can make fainting more likely.

Aerobic exercise, which is free-flowing and moving, like walking, jogging, swimming or slow running, tend to do very well in terms of preventing folks from fainting and improving their circulation.