French Woman's Euthanasia Request Denied

"I think everybody has the right to die with dignity," said Delphine Steinberg of Paris. "France is rather behind on many things. But it could change, with this kind of case."

Romero is hopeful public outcry over Sébire's fight could serve to sway lawmakers.

"Chantal's fight moves the French public opinion, and when we see the reactions on [the] Internet, we see that there is something strong happening. Maybe that French lawmakers will start a real debate, will listen to what people are saying and will vote a law. It's time to end the hypocrisy," Romero said.

Law No Barrier

On Friday, in a telephone interview on French TV, Sébire said she would not appeal the court's decision if it was turned down, after the general prosecutor declared her request as "inadmissible." She also confirmed that she was ready to go to a foreign country to obtain what she is wishing for.

"I know now how to obtain what I need [to die], and if I cannot obtain it in France, I will obtain it elsewhere," she told France 5, adding that if she did not get the right to die by euthanasia, she "will not go in peace."

"It is unfortunate in 2008 to have to leave [the country] as a thief to go die in a foreign country," her lawyer Antonowicz said.

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