Doctors Answers Questions About Eye Surgery

Dr. Soloway: Clear lens surgery is an option, but due to the higher risk of retinal detachment in highly nearsighted people, it is something that you should carefully consider. Approval within the last year or two of "Phakic Intraocular Lenses" specifically increases the options available for highly nearsighted people. Going forward, some of these implants are likely to be available (not yet, however) as multifocal lenses like those used in cataract or clear lens surgery.

Greg of Moorhead, Minn., asks: I have nystagmus due to multiple sclerosis. Am I a candidate for eye surgery?

Dr. Soloway: Patients with side-to-side nystagmus do very well on the Alcon LADARVision high speed tracking laser. I have reported my results with this in peer-reviewed medical literature and have heard of numerous successful cases performed with that laser.

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