More Men Seeking the Mid-Life Nip/Tuck


Millard also credits the rise of plastic surgery reality shows in the normalization for cosmetic surgery for men. "Because they see people like themselves having surgery, the guy-next-door, not just the rich and famous, men can really identify with these people. They hear why they do it and they relate to it," he says. Millard's practice, which saw about 13 percent male clients five years ago, today sees about 65 to 7 percent male, predominantly for body sculpting techniques that restore a youthful V-shaped physique to older men.

Being a competitive candidate in the job market may also be driving some men's decisions to go under the knife. Haeck says that he has many unemployed men coming in wanting to look younger quick, because they believe this will give them a competitive edge in job interviews.

"Men come in and they're in their forties but they're the oldest guy in the office and they're getting passed over by someone 15 years younger," he says. "Many men are constantly looking at threats from the younger, more tech-savvy generation and they're doing anything they can to make themselves more savvy: developing technical skill, dressing like them, trying to look younger."

And if looking fit has become another job qualification for some men, plastic surgery becomes increasingly appealing.

"Women aspired to have Barbie's figure for years. Men are just now catching up to Ken," Haeck says.

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