Should I Be Using Those Fancy Body Cleansers For Men Instead Of Regular Soap?

Question: Should I be using those fancy body cleansers for men instead of regular soap?

Answer: Absolutely not. One of the things that as a dermatologist that always amazes me is the extent to which certain products on the market can put in a lot of fancy ingredients and fancy perfumes and charge a lot of extra money for these products. The amazing thing about these products is that price does not always correlate with effectiveness.

The most important things to do in terms of cleansers is to get something that reacts well with your skin, and that you enjoy using because then you're going to use it and maybe has some moisturization in it. And for that, simple soaps, simple moisturizers work every bit as well as those creams that can cost $10, $20, $40, $50 and even hundreds of dollars.

So my advice is to stick to the basics; it will save your skin and save some money in your wallet.