Top 12 Bizarre Pet Accidents

More common dog tales might involve exploratory jaunts into the refrigerator, not the lingerie drawer. But Crawford, a Brittany spaniel, made a snack out of the gel bra inserts of one of his owner's bras.

"A lot of this stuff, there's really nothing an owner can do to prevent it," Gross said. "Know where your local emergency vet clinic is."

Tara Claxton, the owner, took Crawford to his veterinarian for gastrointestinal issues.

A special diet ensured that the gel bra inserts passed from Crawford with little difficulty.

Rider -- September 2008

Often, a dog will chase an animal with the focus of a heat-seeking missile. But a wheelbarrow planter was not part of Belgian sheepdog Rider's focus.

Rider collided with the wheelbarrow while the squirrel escaped up a cedar tree in Joyce Biethan's backyard.

"He's kind of an all-or-nothing dog and he went into 'all,'" Biethan said. "He chased after that squirrel with total disregard of what might be in front of him."

His collision left Rider with a broken scapula, a broken rib and a punctured lung.

"He was in so much pain that I think he just tried to lay low," Biethan said. "He prescribed himself bedrest."

Biethan said Rider did not need surgery and made a full recovery.

Becca -- October 2008

Sometimes, once is not enough. For Becca, a Labrador retriever, that meant her favorite sock deserved to be made into two courses.

"It's not unusual to do an X-ray and find a lot of socks" in a dog," Gross said.

But Becca was unique for eating the same sock twice. Kevin Koritza, Becca's owner, said his father first noticed that Becca threw up a sock in the backyard while he was painting the house. Later in the day, that sock was gone.

Koritza told VPI that he suspected Becca may have eaten the sock again when she started vomiting. An ultrasound confirmed that Becca had eaten the sock and required surgery to correct intestinal blocking.

Jean Pierre -- November 2008

Initially, veterinarians thought the lump on French bulldog Jean Pierre's side was a bee sting or, worse, a cancerous growth.

But as the lump got bigger over several months, owner Denise Uphus agreed to surgery that showed the lump was the result of a corndog stick.

The stick had gone through Jean Pierre's stomach lining and was putting pressure on his body cavity.

Uphus was baffled until she recalled that her daughter had fed Jean Pierre part of her corndog one day and that Jean Pierre may have chewed up some of the stick.

"You really can't turn your back on them," Uphus told VPI. "Kids or pets."

Lulu -- December 2008

After noticing several of her daughters pacifiers had gone missing, Jennifer Zwart found that her English bulldog Lulu had a private stash -- in her stomach.

Zwart told VPI she noticed Lulu liked eating pacifiers after catching her eat one when it fell to the floor. Concerned, she took Lulu to the veterinarian where 15 pacifiers, a bottle cap and a piece of a basketball were removed from Lulu's stomach.

"We were all shocked, especially since Lulu never had any symptoms and I had no idea all of those pacifiers had gone missing," Zwart said to VPI.

Lulu may have binged on her rubbery treats, but her behavior is common for dogs.

"This is really a typical thing dogs do," Gross said. "With something you like, you eat as many of those as you can find around the house."

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