Financial Stress: Investors Experience Emotional Fallout


While the obvious cure to financial stress seems like financial recovery, experts say investors best bet is to start with what they can control.

"Understand what's happening to you emotionally," said Klapow. "People don't always equate their behaviors with their emotions."

First, hold off on making any financial decision until you can assess your emotional state. Is your anxiety about finances affecting your ability to work or engage in relationships?

Self-coaching, or talking yourself through a decision may be another way to navigate and manage emotions, Klapow said.

Also, consult an accountant or financial advisor before making any decisions.

"Make sure that whatever anxieties you have, you report what they are," said Gurney.

For some, the right answer may be to tweak their portfolio or to pull out of certain investments. But while managing the finances is important, so is managing emotions.

"Taking action will help quell your anxiety, especially if it's a positive action that's well thought out rather than impulsive," said Klapow.

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