Jared Loughner: With Alleged Tucson Shooter Ruled Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial, What Are the Implications?


Loughner reportedly rocked back and forth in his chair during the proceedings Tuesday before blurting out, "Thank you for the freak show!" and "She died in front of me." U.S. marshals escorted him from the stunned courtroom.

If the treatment is successful and Loughner becomes mentally competent to stand trial, the realization of what he's charged with could be horrifying, Raison said.

"It's such a tragedy because, in many cases, when people are made less psychotic they're horrified at what they've done," Raison said. "I've known people that have killed themselves because of that."

But for the victims of the Tucson shooting and their families, sympathy for Jared Loughner may not come easily.

"The problem here is it's hard to apply justice to an insane act," Raison said. "You want somebody to blame."

Raison used the analogy of one rowboat slamming into another, knocking its passengers into the water.

"Does it make a difference that the rowboat had no driver?" he said. "That's what's going on here. There's no one driving the boat."

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