Top 5 Weird Weight Loss Products

"The vibrating devices probably have a beneficial effect on bone density," he said.

Weird Weight Loss Product 3: Thermal Suits

For better or worse, the "Rocky" movies brought mainstream America boxing fitness "secrets" such as eating raw eggs or jogging up stairs decades ago.

However, it took much longer for the public to glom onto the vinyl suits used by boxers and wrestlers to lose weight.

Makes and models vary from flashy silver suits to more subdued colors, but the point of every suit is to lose weight quickly.

What the buyer may not understand, or care to understand, is that they're really losing water weight through sweat.

"But they've been used forever. A lot of wrestlers use them in order to make weight, and I think that's how it filtered down to where the general public has seen it in athletes," said Richard Davis, co-founder of GoFit, maker of the GoFit Thermal Training Suit.

The vinyl suits make for great insulation, and little evaporation, when worn. Exercise long enough in the suit, and one might take off several pounds in sweat.

"The premise and purpose behind it is weight loss, and the primary weight loss a user would experience would be water weight loss," said Davis. "Then again, if you go back and drink some water, you may gain it back."

Colleen Greene, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the University of Michigan, said she could see some use in the suits for warming up muscles.

"I think sometimes relief pitchers would wear them if they're trying to warm up quickly," she said.

"You could lose weight, but it would be water weight," she added. "Once you start drinking it would come back, and the suits also don't speed up losing body fat."

Overall, Greene warned against the suits for fear that people could easily overheat and require medical attention.

"These are actually dangerous," she said.

Blair added that wearing the suits during a workout might actually be counterproductive in some cases.

"You're going to have more difficulty regulating your body heat," he said. "You're going to get tired sooner, and you're not going to get as far."

Weird Weight Loss Product 4: Sound Waves for Muffin Top and Belly Fat

People who say their products "melt away" fat usually mean it figuratively, but not the doctors who are trying the Vaser technology for liposuction.

Vaser, or Vaser "high def," liposuction works differently than the simple vacuum surgeries used by many.

With Vaser, a doctor inserts a metal probe into your stomach, or around your so-called "muffin top," and uses sonic waves to dissolve a layer of fat, which is then sucked out through a vacuum.

Doctors market the procedure as "sculpture" liposuction meant for the relatively fit, rather than the more genuinely overweight who are trying to take off many pounds at once.

Reports in the U.K.'s Daily Mail price the procedure at about $8,000. However, in a 2008 interview with Denver-based plastic surgeon Dr. John Millard, ABC News' "Nightline" reported the fee can range from $15,000 to $20,000 for the surgery.

Of course, there's always the old-fashioned way of getting that toned definition -- the boring old diet and exercise route.

Weird Weight Loss Product 5: The Tongue Patch

Some people still take the "no pain, no gain" slogan to the gym. But it takes a certain type of bravery to take the theory all the way into the doctor's chair as he stitches a prolene patch to your tongue.

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