A Healthy New Year: Myths and Mantras for 2008

All right, enough with the steak. At its worst, steak is about 30 percent to 40 percent fat. Chicken is 4 percent to 5 percent fat -- 11 percent if you leave the skin on. With fish, it varies. But eating more fish allows you to cover your omega 3s as well.

In short, replace your inefficient protein with protein that has the most benefit to your weight loss. Increase your fish intake. You know and I know that omega 3s and 6s don't just help our memory, but our skin, hair, nails and mood swings as well.

Solution No. 3: Know thy carbs.

Ah, you knew we'd get around to carbs. So, which ones are right, and which ones are wrong?

Very simply, the carbs you eat need to be nonprocessed and as close as possible to the earth. Remember, by eating foods that are as close as possible to the earth, you will receive all the nutrients and fiber that aid in any kind of weight-loss program. Hence, you can say yes to bread if it is whole grain bread. Yes to rice if it is brown rice. Yes to pasta if it is whole-wheat pasta. Still, don't go overboard. The amount of these foods you eat is still important as well.

Take Control

Those are just a few solutions that you can implement. There are many more that I would like to educate you about, but space doesn't permit it, which is actually just fine, because the right information needs to come at the right time and in a quantity that you can absorb and implement.

In short, the most important message here is that you are the one who needs to make your body your business. After all, if it's not you, who else will take care of your appearance?

Be in control, and set out to accomplish the goals that you have given yourself. And remember, you have the right -- and the responsibility -- to take care of yourself.

Stefan Aschan is the owner and founder of www.stefanaschan.com, which provides nutrition and exercise programs online and on site in New York City. For more on his Nutritional Mental Detox Insider Circle program, visit http://www.mentaldetox.strength123.com.

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