Is There Any Research Being Done On Triple Negative Cancers (Breast Cancers That Are Hormone Receptor Negative And Her 2 Negative)?

Question from Lisa Hatter: All the news surrounding breast cancer revolves around hormore receptor positive and Her 2 positive cancers. What about "triple negative" cancers (breast cancers that are hormone receptor negative and Her 2 negative)?

Why isn't more research being done to help with this harder to treat cancer? Is there any good news related to this type of cancer?

Response from Anthony Elias, M.D., University of Colorado Cancer Center:

There is a lot of research going on. First of all, traditional chemotherapy probably works best in this type of breast cancer. There are many new experimental agents that are being evaluated in this particular subtype of breast cancer -- for example, dasatinib, sunitinib, bevacizumab, various EGFR inhibitors, PARP inhibitors and anti-androgens to name a few. It is likely that "triple negatives" will not be just one disease, but actually represent several subtypes.