What Is A Nodule?

Question from Bekah0524:I had my first mammogram Mon. and today was told they want a closer look at a nodule. I am scheduled for a ultrasound next week. I am terrified and I don't know what this means!

Answer from Karleen Habin, R.N., nurse consultant for OnCall+: Breast Cancer:It is not at all uncommon for "something" to appear on a screening mammogram that needs further evaluation. This could be anything from a skin tag or fold, to a cyst, to an actual nodule requiring yet further evaluation. In many instances a diagnostic mammogram will focus in on the area of concern and it will clarify that nothing is worrisome. An ultrasound is a test that is good at clarifying a fluid filled mass (benign cyst) from a solid mass (something that needs further investigation. Don't hesitate to ask the Doctor what they are looking for and to explain the procedure as they go along. You are doing the right thing to get your mammogram and suggested follow-up!