10 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Avoid

The result is a rounder, more voluminous rear end. But this result comes at a price for many patients.

"We don't really have the same demand for buttock implants in our part of the world as you see elsewhere," Roth noted. "And that may be a good thing. There is a high rate of problems with these implants."

Among these problems is an increased risk of infection. This is because in order to hide the incision from plain view, surgeons will often place it between the buttocks, perilously close to the anus and the germs that reside there.

And even after the incisions have healed, the implants are situated in an area of the body that endures its share of daily abuse.

"Just logically, if you think about what you're doing -- putting an implant into an area that you sit on -- it stands to reason that there is a very significant rate of problems with these devices," Roth said.

Made Up for Life: Tattooed Makeup

While many women may dream of skipping their makeup routine in the morning, for those who opt for permanently tattooed makeup, the reality can be more like a nightmare than anything else.

"I have had more than my share of patients who ask me to remove the permanent makeup tattoo that someone else gave them, and I will tell you that they're difficult to take away," Roth said.

Much of this difficulty in removing these tattoos is owed to the fact that the areas that are tattooed are some of the most delicate tissues of the face -- namely, the inner folds of the eyelids and the lips. And even with today's complement of high-tech tattoo removal lasers, there is never a guarantee that the tattoos will disappear completely.

This is especially bad news for those who have received botched jobs from untrained practitioners. But even for those who get what they want in the short term, their long-term satisfaction with the job may still be in question.

"If you don't like the results, you may still be stuck with them. And even though you might like the result in the short term, fashions change."

Extreme Facial Procedures

As the images of more than a few celebrities can attest, extreme facial procedures can have a dramatic impact on one's appearance -- and not always in a good way.

Dr. Gregory H. Branham, associate professor and chief of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Washington University in Saint Louis, said he treats a number of patients who want a revision of previous work done on their faces. Sometimes, he said, this previous work involved facial liposuction in which the natural fat pads of the face are sucked out. While these patients likely hoped for a sexier, more angular appearance, what they usually got was a hollow, "Cruella deVille" kind of look.

Another procedure he sees regularly is the skin lift -- a relic of 1970s-era cosmetic surgery in which the skin was pulled taut to eliminate wrinkles.

"While I do not perform these procedures I have seen patients come into my practice with broken or failed sutures that are extruding and need to be retrieved," Branham said. "I have not seen good long-term results with these, and they are generally quite expensive when you compare them to a conventional face-lift or even a mini-lift that is a surgical procedure with more promise of a longer lasting result."

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