The Fight Against Pain: Complete Coverage List

The following is a list of ABC News programming on "The Fight Against Pain." Check your local listings or click on the links below.

Good Morning America Weekend

SATURDAY, May 7: Men, Women and Pain: Despite reporting the same pain to their doctors sooner, women receive less attention than men.

This Week with George Stephanopoulos

SUNDAY, May 8: Jerry Lewis: How did the famous comic deal with chronic pain?

World News Tonight Weekend

SUNDAY, May 8: East Meets West: Using Eastern medicine in combination with Western medicine to get better results in treating pain.

Good Morning America

MONDAY, May 9: State of the Art Pain Treatment: Innovative pain treatments and alternative therapies.

TUESDAY, May 10: Children and Pain: Can anxious moms influence kids' pain?

TUESDAY, May 10: Conquering Your Child's Chronic Pain: A pediatric pain specialist combines traditional and alternative therapies.

THURSDAY, May 12: Prayer and Pain: Americans use prayer nearly as often as medication to treat pain.

World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

MONDAY, May 9: The Life of a Pain Specialist: Why do so few doctors specialize in pain?

TUESDAY, May 10: Pain in Children: What doctors are just starting to understand about how children feel pain.

WEDNESDAY, May 11: Battlefield Medicine on the Cutting Edge: Pioneering techniques help the military aid wounded soldiers.

THURSDAY, May 12: The Search for the Next Miracle Drug: How Big Pharma and academic researchers are looking for the next miracle drug or device.


WEDNESDAY, May 11: When Medicine Clashes With the Law: Prescription painkillers cause problems for patients, doctors and prosecutors.


SATURDAY, May 7: Children Feel Pain Too: Even when the tests say 'No,' a child's pain can be real.

SUNDAY, May 8: A Brief History of Pain: How have primitive cultures and ancient societies dealt with pain?

MONDAY, May 9: The Business of Pain: Are some over-the-counter medications better than others?

MONDAY, May 9: Pain and Pleasure: From the whips to the the dominatrix; does the pleasure come from the pain or inflicting it?

TUESDAY, May 10: Pain Specialists: Why isn't your regular doctor trained to handle pain?

TUESDAY, May 10: When Painkillers Kill: The strongest painkillers are also the most addictive.

WEDNESDAY, May 11: Animals and Pain: Do boiling lobster feel pain?

WEDNESDAY, May 11: Painkillers Designed Especially for You? Scientists examine the genetic basis of pain to help suffering patients.

THURSDAY, May 12: Overweight and in Pain: Doctors struggle to address obesity among pain patients.

FRIDAY, May 13: Laughter Therapy: How does it work? Or does it really work?

FRIDAY, May 13: Does Pain Serve a Purpose? It's a warning system, not a character-building tool.

FRIDAY, May 13: Emotions and Pain: How our feelings are connected with pain.

SATURDAY, May 14: Pushing Through Pain: What motivates athletes, soldiers and ultra-marathoners to push through pain?

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