Your Words: Remembering John Paul II

Pope John Paul II is being remembered around the world as people of all faiths mourn the loss of the beloved leader. Here is a selection of your thoughts as posted on the Pope John Paul II message board.

Opus8No4: Another 20th century giant has left us, but we celebrate his life and achievements.

Secreteriatgirl: Good Bye and Thank You our beloved Pontiff. You will be missed.

flirtinaskirt_01: I hope that your successor continues the great work that you have started and puts the same amount of heart and soul into their position as you yourself did … much love …

Muslim58: To any Catholics who might read this, my sincere condolences.

michelleontheair: You don't know how much it means to me to hear from non-Catholics because it's a testament to me at how utterly cool he is in touching so many people. Thanks for sharing the comforting thoughts.

gmcdo20148: God Bless You Pope John Paul II. May the Lord hold you in his arms.

International Leadership

class9190: He was an ambassador of peace. He was the pastor of a global village. I'm sure the Polish people will miss their native son.

BurntToastBEZARK: JP II Helped Free Eastern Europe from Soviet Military Colonialism … a gigantic task for which he will be most remembered.

athinaandretti: It will be hard for me to warm up to the new pope. I don't think that people with his charisma come along very often. Just think of people like Mother Theresa, and Princess Diana. You don't have to be Catholic or British to realize these people did a great deal of good, and had an extra something that made others admire them.

Ftonyfel: Pope John Paul II travel all over the world, and he was loved by many people. He reach out to other religions. He helped freed millions of people from communism. Pope John Paul II was truly agreat man. He will be missed by all.

observingu: His death seemed to be timed at a precise moment when there is so much strife in the world. Hopefully we will take notice and understand that we need to stop and reflect on what life is really about and how short, even for living 84 years.

finkica: This wonderful man helped millions all over the world; whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, atheist, etc …

nuthinbutnet222: Pope John Paul 2 has further demonstrated to the whole world that it is not impossible to stick to your morals, to make unpopular decisions even when faced with extreme criticism ( ie: abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment ). He has been a strong leader and has set an example to all about the way he has lived and dealt with illness.

Personal Thoughts, Recollections

daisy82mls: Growing up in the Catholic religion, I can remember the pope vividly as a child. Not always understanding his purpose, his presence in the world was felt from all walks of life. Now as an adult, my views on the Catholic religion has changed but my views on the pope and his legacy will stay the same … He was the first and only pope so far in my lifetime, but somehow I think he will be a man that we be hard to beat as far as his greatness. As everyone mourns the loss of this great man, hopefully we will remember the life he lead as well as his purpose.

pwyll: Though I'm not Catholic I must say that he will be missed. One doesn't have to be Catholic to admire a man of such peace and dedication. Peace

celtic_blues: I thought I would share my memory of the first time I went to see the Pope in person. I was on my honeymoon two years ago and we wanted to go to Italy, I have always wanted to go to Rome and to the Vatican. We stayed at a hotel In Vatican City which I thought was really cool. Our travel agent got us tickets for the papal Visit, it is held every Wed. unless he is out of town. So we were in a store talking to a nun about how exited we were about going to see the Pope for the first time and that we were just married, she then tells us how wonderful for us it is and that we should not be nervous we get to meet him and then he will bless the both of you … We find out if we want the blessing we have to have some proof that we are newly married, either a wedding ring with a date, or a marriage license. We had neither and it was too late to overnight it and we would not be there for the next Papal audience. We still got to see him -- we were in the back -- but it did not bother us, we were still so happy to see him. We still have out ticket of our visit.

michelleontheair: I just never thought that this time would really come, I have a great affection for the Pope and am fighting back tears as I type this at my cube. I'm listening Online to the Mass in the Vatican and simply cannot believe this.

WelHelMel: I'm not a Catholic either but I feel that as popes go, John Paul II was a kindly, active and very brave man. He would never have approved of many of the things I've done in my life (and still believe are just), but how could he? I wouldn't expect him to. He followed his *own* ideologies bravely and that is remarkable … not many of us are that unswerving. May God bless him. I personally feel he was a sweet, smart, socially conscious man who did his best every minute of the day. Bless you, John Paul II.

guthrieboi: He is one of the best popes that I can recall and one of the most sincere men of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty first centuries.

rcpfaff: Whether you have agreed with him or not, he has been a man of honor and character and has played well the role of "good and faithful servant." His will be a storied papacy.