Do We Have a Right to Health Care?

Many House members fight constantly for constitutional amendments, including the following that are introduced in virtually every session of Congress:

Right to life amendment

Term limits amendment

Balanced budget amendment

Tax limitation amendment

Don't desecrate the flag amendment

Prayer in school amendment

Ten Commandments in public places amendment

God in the Pledge of Allegiance amendment

Marriage or anti-gay rights amendment

Establish English as the official language of the United States amendment

An Arnold Schwarzenegger amendment -- an amendment to the Constitution so an immigrant can become president

Second Amendment gun rights -- Republicans campaign every election on the belief -- and many Americans believe, rightly or wrongly -- that the Second Amendment gives them the individual right to a gun.

So why don't Democrats and Republicans join together and fight for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing every American the right to equal high quality health care?

In the words of the Preamble to our Constitution, health care for all would help us to build "a more perfect union."

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