What Are The Side Effects Of Flu Shots, And Should I Be Worried About Them?

Question: What are the side effects of flu shots and should I be worried about them?

Answer: You know, we give millions upon millions, actually last year something like 90 million doses of influenza vaccine each year and influenza vaccine comes in two forms, the injectable form and the nasal spray form. Both are extremely safe. I get the injectable form and it gives me a little tingling sensation in my arm where the injection takes place. It lasts about an hour or two. Most people don't get anything more than that. Less than one percent of people have a little local reaction and they get about a degree of fever. So, it's just like about any other vaccine that you get in the arm.

The nasal spray variety which is available for everyone whose from age two through age 50, who is otherwise healthy, is injected into the nose and then you can kind of have a runny nose and a sore throat for a day or two afterwards. Both are trivial, both vaccines are safe.