How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion


Stay Away from Alcohol

A good summer workout, or even a long round of golf in the sun, may make you feel that it's time for a beer afterward. Watch it. Alcohol dehydrates you and can make even mild heat exhaustion worse. Hydrate first, celebrate later. (And even when you're feeling hydrated, some brews are better than others. Use this list of The Best and Worst Beers in America to determine what you're really getting when you reach for a cold one.)

Mind Your Meds

Certain medications, such as diuretics, blood pressure medicines, allergy meds, cough and cold medicines, can decrease the body's ability to regulate its temperature, increasing your risk. If you have to be on any of those, consider exercising in air-conditioning.

Wait a Week

If you do get heat exhaustion, try to stay out of extreme heat for the next week. You're especially vulnerable to a relapse during that time. Train indoors.

Wait a Week, Part 2

If you train in normal temperatures and know you have a big athletic event coming up in hot weather, give your body time to acclimate to it. Train in that weather for at least a week beforehand. Looking for a new training regimen? Try The Jason Statham Workout—a new routine that helped the action star drop 17 pounds in 6 weeks!


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