'Foreskin Man' Anti-Circumcision Comic Called Anti-Semitic; Could Sway San Francisco Vote


Anti-Circumcision Comic: Anti-Semitic?

But Hess insists he did not attack rabbis or the Jewish faith any more than he did doctors and medicalized circumcision.

"The first issue dealt with medicalized circumcision, and in that case the villain was a doctor," he said. "Jewish circumcision is just one part of an ongoing series."

The third issue of the series, starring an African "Vulva Girl," attacks tribal circumcision.

Even pediatricians, many of whom maintain a neutral position on the topic of circumcision, disapprove of Hess' creation.

"To use hate or anti-Semitic slurs is just inappropriate and there's no place in our society for that approach. But there's freedom of expression, so they can do what they want and I don't have to look at it," said Dr. Lawrence Baskin, chief of pediatric urology at University of California, San Francisco. "I think people who vote are smart and they'll see it for what it is."

Hess, a self-professed fan of comic books (and circumcised male), is working on the fourth installment of "Foreskin Man." He expected and accepts the backlash, the price for attracting 67,000 online visitors to his cause and craft each day.

"This is a process that has to play out," he said. "As human rights issues advance, there are lawsuits, there are bills, there are people fighting against it. I think this process had to happen eventually and the comic book just sparked it."

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