After Horror of Hiroshima, Doctor Uses Radiation to Heal


At MD Anderson's Proton Therapy Center, Komaki uses high-energy beams of protons to target radiation to cancer cells, avoiding damage to healthy normal cells.

"This proton center is my dream come true," Komaki said. "The spirit of Sadako is still alive in my mind. I never forget the experience from where I came from, but I would like to make all negatives positive."

Hopes for Japan's Recovery

Komaki said Hiroshima today is nothing like the ghost land she grew up in.

"Now it's totally different place -- a very built-up, peaceful, beautiful place," she said.

Only one building from before the bombing still stands today, she said -- a trade center made of steel and concrete.

Komaki said her heart aches again for the people of Japan, many of whom have lost loved ones and their homes.

"This is such a tragedy. I just feel so bad for all the people that are living there -- especially kids who are afraid," Komaki said. "I hope they can detect radiation where they live and that there will be a safe place for them to go."

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