Truth or Myth? 7 Health-Related Sex Aids

But De Villers said she remained skeptical. She said that she has never heard of benefits of high-heeled shoes, other than that they can make you more body conscious so that you suck it in.

And Watter expressed his own concerns about the finding.

"I don't think I've ever heard a woman who likes wearing high heels," Watter said, adding that he has "never been told by women that heels are helpful for their sex life."


Could adding a bit more physical activity to your schedule help you get more physical in the bedroom?

It's a much-touted link that has more than a few purported celebrity adherents. Recently, it was reported that even French President Nicolas Sarkozy had adopted an exercise regimen that his personal trainer Julie Imperiali told the U.K. paper The Telegraph helped him reap fringe benefits in the form of improved sex, thanks to her Tectonic method of exercise that targets muscles in the pelvic floor.

When contacted by, Imperiali declined to comment further. But past research is chock full of other data that seem to indicate a link between exercise and an improved sex life.

One example of such research is a study published in the August 2003 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, which found that exercise improved erections and reduced the risk of impotence in men older than 50.

This finding was supported in another small study published in the June 23, 2004, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, which found that exercise and a reduced-calorie diet could help correct erectile dysfunction in obese men.

And other research points to the benefits of improved circulation from regular exercise that can enhance sexual performance.

Could It Help Your Sex Life?

De Villers said she believes there is little doubt that feeling the burn in the gym also leads to more heat in bed.

"I am a huge fan of exercise and that should truly be promoted," she said. "I would encourage couples to take a walk or play tennis and come home and hop in the sack."

Aside from the immediate effects of exercise, she noted that over the long term an exercise regimen can enhance circulation, reduce cholesterol and increase flexibility -- all good news for sexual performance.

"People who have clogged arteries and diabetes don't have a good sex life," she said, adding that "getting into fun positions requires muscle strength and flexibility."

While Watter said that to his knowledge there exists direct correlation between sex drive or performance and exercise, he said being in better shape certainly won't hurt your sex life, and it may even help.

"If you are in good physical shape and you exercise regularly, there's a chance exercise makes sex better, like it makes every other activity better," he said.

ABC News' Radha Chitale, John Berman and Ann Wise contributed to this report.

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