How Can I Keep Junk Food In the House For My Family, But Not Eat It Myself?

Question: My family members don't need to lose weight but like junk food. Do you have any suggestions to help me keep such food in the house but not eat it?

Answer: There are always scenarios where there's one person in the house who is trying to lose weight and everybody else in the house doesn't need to and they don't want to feel deprived or the person who's trying to lose weight says, "I don't want to punish the rest of my family." Now, one of the things is we do a covered inventory most of us might find that we have three or four different types of cereal, maybe four crackers, maybe four other snack items and cookies.

So perhaps we can do a little purging of the closet. Instead of having all those things around, maybe it's limiting the choices and polling other family members. What are there favorite items? Those may not be the things you that you like as much.

So therefore, it's not as tempting to you. And also trying to limit it; everybody gets one choice, instead of having this smorgasbord of opportunities.

The other thing that I would say is if we have somebody in the family who's trying to eat healthy, do lead by example. If you are making that effort to do so and you are incorporating more fruits and vegetables and whole grains and you don't have to be a short order cook either. Those become front and center on the plate and then there isn't as much room for some of those other items, for you, or for anybody else in your family, and guess what, everybody eats well.