How Do I Tell Someone I Love That They Need To Lose Weight?

Question: How do I tell someone I love that they need to lose weight?

Answer: Helping a loved one to see that they have a weight issue is something that people have struggled with for many years. There are so many issues involved in bringing up this conversation.

It's so important to express that you're coming from a point of caring. It's very important for the person not to feel like you're being accusatory or becoming the diet police.

Identifying for them that you're concerned about their well-being, that you love them, and that you would really like to see what you can do to be of help to them.

Ask them how you might help them in managing their weight or becoming more active can be seen as a very caring message as opposed to just simply saying, "You know I need to talk to you about your weight. It's becoming a problem" or something more direct. So really couching any conversation with a really caring message. You'll never go wrong there.