Are There Skin Marks (Other Than Moles) That May Be Of Concern?

Question: Are there skin marks (other than moles) that may be of concern?

Answer: When it comes to skin marks on the skin it's important to seek care of a skin doctor. There are three types of skin marks that are of concern. The biggest one that people often come to the doctor for are moles -- those are brown lesions on the skin and they're usually benign, but they can turn into melanoma, so it's important that a doctor look at them to help determine whether that's the case.

There are two other skin lesions that are important. The first one is a basal cell carcinoma, that's actually the most common skin cancer in man and often presents as a little bump that looks like a pearl. The second most common skin cancer in man is a squamous cell carcinoma and often presents as a red scaly lesion that doesn't heal.

If you have any of these skin marks on your skin I would recommend that you seek care of a dermatologist. Please note that dermatologists across the country in the springtime often conduct free skin cancer screenings.