How Important Is Exposure To Sunlight When It Comes To How Our Skin Looks?

Question: How important is exposure to sunlight when it comes to how our skin looks?

Answer: Ultraviolet light exposure is undoubtedly linked to photoaging. Ultraviolet light obviously comes from the sun but can also come from some other commercial light sources. Ultraviolet light, contrary to popular belief, does pass through certain types of window glass such as in your house or in your car. Ultraviolet light also reflects off of surfaces such as cement, water and snow.

Not only is it directly linked to photoaging, but it also is directly linked to skin cancer. Skin cancer is a very important problem in the U.S. In fact, skin cancer is the No. 1 cause of cancer -- more than all other cancer combined. And, of course, melanoma is a form of skin cancer that has a very high mortality rate.

Detection and prevention are very important. If you have a spot of your skin that is symptomatic -- causing itching, bleeding or has changed or if it's new, please consult your dermatologist. Also, with regards to photoaging it's very important not to smoke.