Model With Implants Banned From Boxing

By last year, she was smitten with the sport and took up training with an English middle-weight boxer who was then a private trainer and who encouraged her to join the ABAE.

But when she filled out the medical application, her dreams were dashed.

"I sat down and to have a read-through and got really excited," Blewden told "Until I read females are automatically disqualified with breast implants. I absolutely cannot explain how much I love boxing. I cried all weekend."

Her coaches told her she could still train, but, countered Blewden, "it's like learning to be a hairdresser and not ever cutting hair."

"Thai boxing is more brutal and I did it four to six hours a week and I've never had an issue," she said. "I've had punches and kicks before."

Breast Protectors Still Not Safe

But Anthony Attwood, the chairman of ABAE's medical commission, said Blewden has likely has never been injured because she has never competed. And, he said, no breast protectors have been developed -- even by professional boxers -- that have proven to be effective.

"As a plastic surgeon I think that logically it is a sensible rule," he said of the international medical regulations, though he admits risk of rupture is more likely with liquid, rather than gel implants.

Attwood said Blewden had contacted him after she learned she could not obtain an amateur boxing medical record card.

"I have no idea how good she may be," Attwood, told "My first surprise was that she had apparently been selected for 'advanced training' when all she has done is basic fitness training and boxing exercise and has had no competitions. That is extraordinarily unusual."

Can Mimic Breast Cancer

The problem, according to Attwood, is fat necrosis, which can occur with repeated trauma to the breast. That condition can be dangerous, because it can mimic breast cancer on mammograms and on examination.

"If there is a lump in the breast, the girl needs to have it investigated and often a needle biopsy is used," he said. "Even with radiological guidance there is a risk of the needle going into the implant and damaging it. In that case another operation is required to replace it."

If that biopsy in inconclusive, the lump can get bigger and the problem is compounded, and surgery -- with more risks -- may be required.

"If it really is just fat necrosis but if the lump was an early cancer then the delay in really finding out could be disastrous," Attwood said.

Repeated trauma can also cause scar tissue and make implants go hard in a condition called capsular contracture. That can also trigger the "vicious cycle" of fat necrosis, he said.

"For these reasons I think it unwise for girls to box when they have breast implants present, but I do not make the rules," he said.

As for fat necrosis, Blewden said, "That can happen whether or not you've had implants. There is not real health risk if you compare with a hit around the head. ... If I suffer capsular contracture and need to pay for corrective surgery, then that is my decision."

Husband Worried About 'Fat Lips'

Initially her husband, a brick-layer, objected to her boxing, worried that she'd suffer "fat lips and things like that," she said, but now he is supportive of her passion for the sport.

Her trainer Mark Plunkett, told the Bournemouth News Service, that Blewden "is very talented at boxing. She wants to box at a very high standard and is desperate to go to the Olympics."

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