Actress Leelee Sobieski Says No TV, iPads for Young Daughter

Technology Can Act as Learning Tool

In a few clicks, Kazdin said, parents can use technology as a real educational tool for their children.

"Whatever flavor parents would like to pass on, whether it's art or animals or music, it's there and waiting for you," said Kazdin.

But even while advocating technology's benefits, experts noted that it is important to limit a child's unsupervised time in front of the computer or television. Unsupervised screen time has potential to increase associations with violent video games and cyber bullying, Kazdin said.

While some experts noted that modern technology is becoming a base for modern culture, Briggs explained that, even if parents decide to limit gadget use, children tend to be "brilliant early adapters."

"They're sure to catch on very quickly," said Briggs. "I would hope we're more concerned with healthy development and intact social emotional and interpersonal skills than with keeping up with the (technological) times."

"As Benjamin Franklin would say--everything in moderation," said Brown. "The key is that parents need to set healthy limits for their kids, and media is no exception."

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