Andy Murray's Resilience: From Dunblane Shootings to Wimbledon


The human body has a "natural-born ability" to deal well with adversity, according to Bonanno. "We have a highly adaptive stress response system that kicks in."

"In the past, we have kind of been asking the wrong question," he said. "There was a resistance to acknowledging psychological trauma. Once we did, we focused exclusively on trauma and got ourselves wondering, why would anyone not be traumatized? But that is the wrong question--why isn't everybody resilient?"

As photos of Andy Murray and his brother Jamie and mother Judy cover the walls of a tennis clubhouse in Dunblane, they are celebrities who have taken some of the scars away from a town still grieving 17 years after it lost its children to a mass shooting. Murray's success seems intertwined with that past.

"Did Andy Murray achieve great things in spite of Dunblane or did he do great things because of it?" said Johns' Hopkins Everly. "Only Andy Murray knows."

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