Ann Romney's MS Revelation: The Trauma of Diagnosis


Doctors and patients do not know how their multiple sclerosis will behave in the early weeks and months after diagnosis, and it is really only in hindsight that one can understand the severity of their disease.

Some days are harder than others, Solinski said, but "'the sun will come up every morning," she said. "It does and so do I. We all adapt…What truly drives me is my mission to stop this disease."

Solinski found purpose in combating her disease when she began working at the Myelin Repair Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to funding research for myelin repair treatment targets.

"The Myelin Repair Foundation was exactly what I needed to get involved to channel my fear and anxiety of the what the future might hold," said Solinski. "MS can run in families, my greatest fear is my son receiving a diagnosis of MS. I can't stop fighting the disease."

For Clos, she said she takes the disease day by day by focusing on her goals.

She encourages "individuals in the MS community to pursue their own goals and overcome their challenges," said Clos. " I continue to practice gratitude daily.

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