Artist's Parody Sparks Nutritionists' Debate About Cereal


Fed Up With Food Industry?

Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, defended English's art as an expression of overall frustration with food manufacturers.

"It's a reflection of how badly people are feeling about the behavior of the food companies," Brownell said. "We're finding that the companies are marketing their worst products to kids and doing so very aggressively."

The Rudd Center released a report in 2009 that found the most heavily marketed cereal was also the most unhealthy cereal.

While he said sugary cereals aren't the nutritionally worst options for kids, they are the most heavily marketed.

As for English, he hopes his campaign moves way beyond two stores.

"I would like to mass produce the drawings and have people put them in stores," he said. "I want to make this stuff less appealing to children."

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