Botox -- or, Bro-tox -- Increasingly Popular Gift for Men


Before long, Marc was in Youn's office, ready for his close-up.

"This is how you look now, before your Bro-tox," said Youn. "Now, look a little angry."

While Marc took his gift in stride, Youn said that's not always the case.

"If you're gonna give plastic surgery as a ... gift, make sure that the person actually wants it ... because some men might take it poorly," Youn said.

A few days after his Botox treatment, Marc's crow's feet were less noticeable, and his fine lines were almost gone.

Marc is pleased with the result. So what about next Christmas?

He still wants that chainsaw, but is not closing the door on other beauty treatments as gifts.

"If they had a good hair system, I might take her [his wife] up on the hair," he said.

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