Chicago-area Woman Gives Birth to Conjoined Twin Girls


Among those survivors are Joshua and Jacob Spates. They were delivered by Caesarean section in January in a Memphis hospital. The boys were attached to each other at the lower spine and pelvis, an unusual connection that made them what are known as pygopagus twins.

On Aug. 28, after a 13-hour surgery, doctors separated the twins, making the boys one of only two dozen sets of conjoined twins in the world to be successfully separated.

The operation involved detachment of the spinal cord and column, as well as muscles and other tissues. The boys are expected to remain at the hospital for some time while they recover, and they will receive clinical care and rehabilitation therapy until they are healthy enough to go home.

As for Schulten, she's praying Hope and Faith beat the odds. "No one ever thought I would say, 'the girls are one week old today,'" she writes. "Now they only have the rest of their [lives] ahead of them."

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