Boy on Lung Transplant Waiting List Happy for Sarah Murnaghan


Jordan has been on the list since September 2012, and he's had three separate pediatric lung donor offers, but his surgeries didn't happen for different reasons. Once, the weather was so bad his doctors couldn't fly out of state to retrieve the organs. Another time, doctors spotted a contusion on the lungs at the last minute.

As Jordan woke up from the anesthesia after the "dry run" transplant attempts, he would groggily feel for scars on his chest to see whether he had new lungs, Peterson said. The first time Jordan realized there'd been no operation, his father watched as his face fell.

"But our philosophy has been that when that happens, we believe God gave us another day to be together, and we think of the donor family that doesn't have another day," he said. "When you put it in that perspective of what the donor family has gone through, it helps you get your perspective back where it should be."

This week, Jordan said he was feeling all right. He can't play sports like he did when he was younger because an infection damaged his lungs, but he was able to play in a pool on Thursday in the 95-degree Houston heat.

He said he's not afraid of surgery, and he's ready for new lungs "tonight, even right now."

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