Drunk Without Alcohol: Strange Condition Ferments Food in Gut


Though some might be skeptical, Kanodia said the evidence is clear that auto-brewery syndrome is a real illness.

“Patients don’t want to wait 20 years ‘til I publish all the research. They want help today,” Kanodia told “20/20.” It’s not clear how many people suffer from auto-brewery syndrome, but Kanodia is determined to get the word out in order to spare others years of misery.

Hogg also made his own drastic dietary changes in order to relieve his symptoms after he too was diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome, but his symptoms didn’t completely go away. “They were reduced quite a bit, but they didn't go away completely,” said Hogg.

As he continues to try and find the best cure for himself, Hogg is hopeful.

“I’m not sure a 100 percent cure is possible after all these years, but I'd like to think maybe I'd get to 75 percent and have a job, get married, maybe have kids, live a normal … life,” Hogg said.

“I’m a very stubborn person, so I’ll never give up.”

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