Cutting Edge Techniques Take Cutting Out of Plastic Surgery


Liposonix Uses Ultrasound to Melt Fat From Outside

Next, Day used new forms of Botox to even out Bollman's eyebrows and soften her crow's feet. Finally, Day applied finishing touches with a laser tool that evens out skin tone and texture.

A series of procedures like this typically costs about $11,000, Day said.

"It looks so natural!" Bollman said of her new face. Three weeks later, after the procedures had had time to take full effect, she reported, "I noticed I don't have to pick up my eyelid to put on makeup anymore."

Less invasive cosmetic surgery isn't limited to the face. As she was treating Bollman, Day was treating another patient, Ellen Cribbin, using Liposonix, a more powerful ultrasound tool to melt fat without surgery.

"Liposonix is the newest kid on the block for helping to re-sculpt and melt fat," Day said. "It's like liposuction, but it's a non-surgical approach. ... It uses that high-density focus ultrasound to actually heat up and melt fat."

After just one treatment Cribbin is expected to drop one dress size. Her cousin Lauren Vincelli has had even better results. Now one month after her treatment, she has dropped two dress sizes.

So have Day and Steinbrech found the fountain of youth in these new cosmetic techniques?

"Well, it may not be that you never look old, but you can put it a long way off," said Day. "We can slow that process down in a very natural way, with these procedures."

Watch the full story on "The Cutting Edge," a "20/20" special, online here.

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