Donald Sterling Defense: Personality Changes Could Signal Dementia


As for Donald Sterling, his wife told Barbara Walters that she had never heard her husband make derogatory comments toward black or Hispanic people before she heard the now infamous tape.

"It sounds as if there are suspicions that this person has changed and that he has not been like that - that there's something new there in the last several years," said psychiatrist Galynker. "If so, he needs to be evaluated."

"The earliest manifestations alert you to the need for an exam," he said. One of the simplest tests is asking a patient to draw the hands on a clock, according to Galynker. "It takes 15 seconds."

According to the Alzheimer's Association, the major early warning signs of dementia are: Memory loss that disrupts daily life

Challenges in planning or solving problems

Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, work or leisure

Confusion with time or place

Trouble understanding visual image and spatial relationships

New Problems with words in speaking or writing

Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

Decreased or poor judgment

Withdrawal from work or social activities

Changes in mood and personality

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