What We Don’t Know About Lethal Injection Drugs

Some drugs used in lethal injections are only available through compounding pharmacies that customize medications by mixing FDA-approved drugs, but aren’t regulated by the FDA. Waisel said the lack of oversight opens the door to drugs that aren’t as strong or effective as they should be.

McCracken said the source of drugs used in an execution – whether it’s a drug manufacturer or a compounding pharmacy – and the credentials of the people administering the drugs should be made public.

Wood filed several attempts to learn the details of his planned execution, but he ultimately denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the AP. Such inquiries have been cited as a stalling and legal tactic for the accused.

Ryan of the Arizona Department of Corrections denied in a statement that Wood’s execution was “botched,” explaining that Wood was deeply sedated and that his vein did not burst. But McCracken disagreed.

“It’s impossible to say that Mr. Wood’s execution proceeded as planned,” she said. “It took him two hours to die.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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