Eliminating Pain: How a Piece of Felt Did What Painkillers Could Not


Dr. Besser's 3 Tips for Tackling Your Pain Problems

1) If you are currently managing your pain by yourself, you need to get help from an expert. There are pain specialists to help you understand your pain triggers and find the best medications. You should look for the most relief with the fewest side effects and should always work with your doctor. Don't add medications on your own. That is when you can really get into trouble.

2) Make sure you have a doctor who you feel believes you. Nothing is worse than being in pain and feeling like your doctor doesn't understand your problem. If you are in that situation, it is time to get a new doctor. There is no quick fix for most conditions that cause chronic pain. You have to believe that your doctor is on your side.

3) Educate yourself. There are a number of drug and non-drug therapies (physical therapy, yoga, meditation, massage) that can help control pain. Be open to trying new approaches. Dealing with the stress that comes with having a chronic pain condition can actually help reduce the pain itself.

For even more pain tips click here to visit the American Pain Foundation's website

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