Fat: If You Can't Burn It, Freeze It?


That concept drew Lisa Marcs to the office, but with a different goal. She wanted to tighten her face with no knife and no fear of that stretched look.

"I like the fact that there was no cutting involved; no down time," said Marcs.

In this procedure, called thermage, radio waves trick skin into producing more collagen. And a recent upgrade to the technology now can produce results comparable to a very natural face-lift. In a few hours. With no surgery."

"We've had patients check into our office to do their whole body with thermage. Hands, neck, legs, all over," said Jaliman.

The only pain involved is that on your wallet. Fat freezes start at $750 and thermage starts at $1,000. But to some, it's money well spent.

"I saved to have this done. I'll be honest with you. I put the money aside. Uh, this is like, you know, a vacation for me. But it was, it was worth it," said Knoth.

Viewers submitted lots of questions about these procedures to our web site today – you can read a doctor's answers to the most common ones at ABCNews.com/Nightline.

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