Gay Scout Denied Eagle Award Says He Believes in God


Gay Scout Completed Eagle Requirements

To reach the rigorous level of Eagle, scouts must attain five ranks, earn 21 merit badges, serve six months in a leadership position and complete a community service project.

Ryan worked at the local middle school to organize an art project for Respect All Differences Day, which has an anti-bullying theme. Students created 288 tiles expressing "kindnesses," which he used to create a mural that was mounted on a wall by the school library.

But with the deadline of Ryan's 18th birthday looming, Andresen said she doesn't know if there is enough time to get his Eagle Award approved. Her husband has appealed to the local scouting board and the family is hoping for the best.

"I am really not doing this for my Eagle award," said Ryan. "I don't want anyone else prevented from getting theirs."

But his mother said Ryan had been "pretty depressed" over the incident.

"It's just one more blow to him. I am so shocked. His scoutmaster knew of Ryan's self-harm and this could have brought him off the deep end. ... He has no compassion."

"It's so upsetting as a mother," she said. "The military has changed, the Girl Scouts, the 4-H," said Andresen. "Why not the Boy Scouts?"

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