The Google Diet: Search Giant Overhauled Its Eating Options to 'Nudge' Healthy Choices


The drink section also went under behavior modification. In the coolers, water bottles were moved to eye level and the sodas sent down to the bottom shelf.

"We put all the water bottles up and we found that Googlers consumed 47 percent more water when the bottles were right there and they could just grab it," Kurkoski said.

Other employees weren't drinking water because they thought it would take too long to fill up their glass. So when word got around you could fill a glass up with water in 7 seconds, consumption increased.

Googler Sofia Buschman said she gained more than the Google 15 when she starting working there.

"At that point, the candy was very alluring and free-flowing, literally free-flowing," she said. "We had these pull-down machines. They were dangerous but fun."

Now, like most Googlers, Buschman said she is grateful for the nudges. She said once they moved the junk food, she found that she ate less of it.

"I think everybody really enjoys natural, healthy food, we're just too busy and we grab whatever is in front of us," she said.

Despite the food experiments and structured eating environment, Buschman said she didn't feel manipulated by the cafeteria overhaul and that she has slimmed down.

"I'm being encouraged to be healthy," she said. "If anything, I'm grateful that a company that essentially needs me to do productive work to help them build their business actually cares to help me be a healthier individual. I can't complain. Anybody who does is, perhaps, misguided."

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