Some Call Huggies Diapers Ad in Israel Sexually Suggestive


“In study after study, findings have indicated that women more often than men are portrayed in a sexual manner (e.g., dressed in revealing clothing, with bodily postures or facial expressions that imply sexual readiness) and are objectified (e.g., used as a decorative object, or as body parts rather than a whole person),” it says. “In addition, a narrow (and unrealistic) standard of physical beauty is heavily emphasized. These are the models of femininity presented for young girls to study and emulate.”

Kazdin said “in some sense these ads are tame.” But, he warned, “We don’t want them to be tame, because they are provocative and we know that videos and not just violence, are a serious problem. Now we know that watching TV is modeling and can change the brain. We don’t want to legitimize the bar going lower for too many things. And this bar is low.”

But commenters on the YouTube video of the ad seem to disagree.

“I don't see anything sexual here,” TheTubePortal writes. “They are just posing for fashionable diapers. What kind of sicko interprets this as sexual?” And Josh Apple writes: “I have two small kids and I have dealt with my fair share of diapers. If you think disposable underwear that will most likely be full of p*** and s*** is sexy then you need help. Sexy isn't the word that comes to mind after dealing with my little boy's upset tummy and the bio hazard that is left behind.”

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