Husband Wants Pregnant Wife Off Life Support


Caplan said he supported Munoz's plea to grant his wife's end-of-life wishes.

"It sounds like they are well-informed people -- he is an EMT and she is a paramedic -- around a lot of resuscitation," Caplan said. "And she was clear about her wishes, if she had an understanding at the time of these discussions when she was pregnant."

Fears that the child might also be brain-damaged could be a concern of the father, Caplan said. "It's a high risk."

"As much as we might want to save the fetus, if both parents agreed that they didn't want technology to keep [the fetus] alive and thought about it and discussed it, then to me Texas law could be overridden by a judge who says there is a right to stop life support," he said.

Although Munoz disagrees with the law, he says, he does not want to wage a long battle over the issue.

"You just never think it's going to be you," he said.

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