Judge to Decide Fate of NFL Concussion Lawsuits


Fate of Concussion Lawsuits Lies With Judge

Anderson said it's impossible to predict Judge Brody's response, which could take months after today's hearing and will surely be appealed either way.

"She could grant the league's motion to dismiss, or deny it, or split it apart in various ways," said Anderson, explaining that the negligence claims could be dismissed and the fraud claims allowed to survive. "She could also rule in cases where there was no collective bargaining agreement in place."

The first collective bargaining agreement began in 1968, and there was no agreement in place between 1988 and 1993, according to Anderson.

If the lawsuits are allowed to go to trial, the NFL could be on the hook for the long-term medical care of its players, as well as damages that could rise into the billions, Anderson said.

"Juries in general are much more sympathetic to injured players and former heroes, and there's no limit on how much they could provide in damages," he said. "But if the NFL is able to get the cases in front of an arbitrator whose sole job is to interpret the contracts, they'll most likely rule in favor of the league."

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