Kevin Ware's Injury Calls Attention to NCAA Healthcare Debate


Last year the California State Legislature passed the Student Athlete Bill of Rights that mandated universities, which generated over $10 million in revenue from athletic programs, to cover healthcare premiums for students and pay any deductibles for a student's sports-related injury for up to two years after they leave the university. The universities also have to offer an equivalent scholarship if an athlete loses an athletic scholarship due to injury.

Huma hopes that the Student Bill of Rights will be adopted by other states and provide NCAA players with more protection from healthcare bills.

Earlier this month the National College Players Association conducted a study in conjunction with Drexel University Sports Management Department that found University of Louisville basketball players had the highest "fairmarket" value, with a single player worth an estimated average $1,632,103.

"[It's] not just the idea that players have such gaps in protection," said Huma. "But what they generate in [revenue] and what they don't have in protection is just disgraceful."

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